At Fountain Lakes Storage, we’re excited to offer unique advantages to our clients, including month-to-month rental agreements for flexibility, world-class security measures for your peace of mind, and all the dollies and hand carts you could wish for. Below, we want to share some of the considerations to make as you’re searching for the best storage solution.

Are you going to pack on your own or hire a company to handle it?

While hiring a team to pack and move for you costs money, it can be a real advantage depending on your situation. For instance, if you’re dealing with an awkward situation where you have to be out of one place by a certain time and then you can’t move into your new place for a while, you don’t want your household sitting in the back of a truck. Instead, an expert team can take your belongings to a secure storage facility until you’ve got access to your new home.

Do you want a storage solution on your doorstep?

Instead of making multiple runs to your unit to get everything in it, you can have a mobile storage unit delivered to your house. From there, you’re free to pack at your own pace and have it transported to your new home or to a permanent storage unit.

Will you switch out your unit’s contents with the seasons?

Swimming pool equipment, patio furniture, winter sports gear, shovels, and holiday decorations can all be switched out of your unit as the year goes by.

At Fountain Lakes Storage, we see you as an individual, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you get the customized storage solution you need.

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