If you’re in the military, moving has probably become a normal part of your life. Whether you’re deploying or being stationed at a new base, moving everything that defines “home” for you can be a significant hurdle. Many deployed service members depend on self-storage facilities to protect their belongings until they return, but even if you just need a place to keep your household until you find new lodging, Fountain Lakes Storage in St. Charles is proud to help. Here are a couple of things to consider when searching for the perfect military storage solution:

Does the storage unit offer the security you need?

All of the best storage facilities have great security, and the ones that slack on storage security should be avoided. However, if you need extra security, check your local storage facility for advanced features like motion lights, fencing, cameras, alarms, or guards. Fountain Lakes Storage proudly offers cutting-edge security systems and will always ensure that your belongings are safe in our indoor, climate-controlled storage units.

Would a mobile storage unit make life easier?

Do you have the ability to transport your possessions to an indoor storage unit? If not, no problem! We can bring a secure storage unit to your property, where it’s just a step up to get your possessions stowed. Once your mobile storage unit is all packed, we’ll move it to our storage facility in St. Charles! Keep in mind, this storage solution usually works best for the transportation aspect of moving, rather than the long-term storage aspect. If you know your items will need to stay in a secure self-storage unit for a long time, it will likely be more cost-effective to transfer them into a permanent storage unit. If you think mobile storage will work for you, contact Fountain Lakes Storage today!