Your belongings play an important role in your life, providing comfort, convenience, and that familiarity that can make any place feel like home. At Fountain Lakes Storage, we’re proud to offer a secure storage facility that gives you the flexibility you need. Check out our tips for storing holiday decor below, and contact our storage facility in to get your own storage unit St. Charles today.

Holiday Decor

If you like to decorate for the holidays, storing everything the rest of the year can feel like wasted space. Self storage can change all of that. Because there’s nothing worse than opening a box to find ornaments broken or a string of lights all busted up, here are some tips for keeping your decorations in top shape:

Storing Ornaments

  • Hold onto tissue paper, egg cartons, and boxes to give all your ornaments sturdy, padded homes.
  • Put the most fragile ornaments on top if you’re wrapping them all in a box.
  • Ribbons, hooks, craft wire, and other accessories can be stored in shoe boxes.

Storing Garlands

  • Garlands are lightweight and can be unfolded and fluffed, so don’t hesitate to push them into a large box where they’ll be safe from dust.
  • Use masking tape and a marker to indicate where each garland goes so next year, you aren’t left wondering which one goes on the railing and which one goes above the mantel.
  • If you don’t want to have to measure your garland again next year, mark its center with a bright twist tie.

Storing Christmas Lights

  • Use empty wrapping paper tubes and wrap lights around them instead of creating tangled balls.
  • Sandwich bags make great homes for extra fuses and bulbs.

Our secure, climate-controlled units make it easy to store fragile ornaments, long garlands, lights, trees — and that’s just the beginning! Contact us in St. Charles to learn about our storage solutions, or reserve one of our indoor storage units online.