If you are looking for the best storage facility to house your belongings, there are many factors to consider. First, you’ll need to decide on a budget, as well as the storage unit size you need. You’ll also need to think about security, location, and whether or not you want an outdoor or indoor storage unit, then you can narrow your search from there. For many people, climate-controlled storage units are a must, as they are often the best option for storing items that are sensitive to humidity and high and low temperatures.

Fountain Lakes Storage is the best storage place in St. Charles, with dozens of affordable storage units in different sizes. All of the storage units in our indoor storage facility are climate controlled, and they have drive-up loading for your convenience. Not only that, but we also offer our climate-controlled storage units on a month-to-month basis, so you won’t have to deal with any long-term contracts or security deposits. Click here to check out our storage solutions online, and continue reading to learn why it’s worth it to rent a climate-controlled storage unit from an indoor storage facility.

Protection Against The Elements

The most obvious reason why climate-controlled storage units are the best option for many people is that they provide optimal protection against the elements. If you are storing musical instruments, antiques, artwork, or furniture made from leather or wood, it is in your best interest to rent a climate-controlled storage unit so that these items do not get damaged by fluctuating temperatures, humidity, flooding, etc. Another thing to consider is the length of time you expect to store your items, no matter what they are. If you are planning on storing items for a year or more, and you live in a climate with fluctuating weather, it’s best to play it safe and rent an indoor storage unit that is climate controlled.

Better Air Quality

Another major perk of climate-controlled storage units is that they have better air quality, so your self-storage unit won’t be stuffy every time you visit. Cheap storage units with poor circulation accumulate dirty air, which can build up and damage your belongings over time. If you are storing electronics, valuables, or important documents, good air quality is a must, so be sure to go with an indoor storage unit that has good circulation. It’s well worth it to protect these belongings, as many of them are irreplaceable if they are damaged due to poor air quality.

Keep Dirt & Pests Out

In addition, climate-controlled storage units provide additional protection against dirt, dust, and debris, as well as any pests that may be trying to make a home out of your belongings. Since most climate-controlled storage units are inside, they have a weatherproof seal that fills in any gaps that would otherwise allow dirt and pests inside. All too often, people opt for cheap storage units that aren’t sealed or insulated, and they later find that their clothing, furniture, and antiques have been made into a mouse home while they were in storage.

Peace Of Mind

Our belongings are part of our life story — they are the things we’ve accumulated over the years, including hand-me-downs, gifts, and handmade items that bring faint memories back to life. There’s a reason you have hung onto these things, and it’s not worth the gamble of sticking them in just any old storage unit. Climate-controlled storage units give you peace of mind knowing that no amount of heat, snow, wind, or rain can get in and ruin your belongings.

Not only that, but indoor storage units also offer a level of security that is unparalleled by cheap storage units that sit unattended outside. At Fountain Lakes Storage, we have high-definition security cameras set up in our storage facility, as well as highly trained staff members that monitor our storage units during open hours. Plus, all of our self-storage units lock, so you won’t have to worry about anyone getting inside that shouldn’t be there. At the end of the day, we want to make sure that your belongings are kept safe and sound at all times, so we employ the best security system in addition to climate controls at our storage facility.

Rent A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit In St. Charles

If you are looking for a storage rental in St. Charles, we invite you to visit Fountain Lakes Storage to tour our state-of-the-art storage facility. In addition to offering climate-controlled storage units in a range of different sizes, we also have a business center that is equipped with moving boxes, dollies, packing tape, and everything else you need to move your belongings into our storage facility. Contact us today to learn more and get answers to any questions you have about our climate-controlled storage units, or reserve your storage unit online! We look forward to meeting you.